About Us

Our Story

We are a small, family-run ice cream shop that opened in June 2017. Growing up in big families, we often shared buckets of ice cream because there was a flavour for everyone and enough ice cream to go around. Our parents owned a Dairy Queen, so ice cream has been a part of our lives since we were old enough to hold a cone! Now adults, we wanted to return to our roots and create those same experiences for a new generation.

We serve up classics that bring up nostalgic childhood memories, but like to play with different flavour combinations reflective of our diverse and unique community. We believe in bold, adventurous flavours inspired by the lands that we have visited. Our ingredients are simple and fresh, without the addition of gums, gelatin, artificial emulsifiers or commercial stabilizers. We also use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze our house made ice cream – a process that ensures a fresh, flavourful and creamy product. Made in small batches, we rotate our flavours with the changing seasons and changing requests.

We hope our shop becomes a gathering place for family and friends with a shared love for ice cream. But above all, we really hope you enjoy our hand crafted ice cream!