Buckets of Ice Cream

Back in the day, family sizes were much larger. Ali and I have 2 older siblings, and Lynn has 2 older brothers, lumping us right into this category.

Feeding so many mouths, (though after having conversations with friends from even smaller households, I’m beginning to think we were just a generation that ate waaaaayyy more ice cream) we grew up eating ice cream from those large 4 litre buckets of Neapolitan you can get from Superstore. They look like this:

In our house, we would hoard the chocolate and strawberry first, leaving the vanilla behind. At Lynn’s, it was the chocolate that they’d leave behind. What flavours did you fight for in your house?

And that is how we got our name. Buckets = family to us, and we want you to feel at home when you come visit us too!

– Jaclyn

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  1. Omgosh! Exactly like me when I was a kid! Those 4L buckets were classic! Except I scooped out Strawberry and Vanilla; I always had found Chocolate to be a bit bitter 😅

    Miss those days! Good sweet memories 😊

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