About Us

Our Story

Buckets Ice Cream was born out of me, my sister Ali and our friend Lynn (who is like a sister). Growing up in big families, we often shared buckets of ice cream because there was a flavour for everyone, and enough ice cream to go around. Ali and I spent our childhood in a Dairy Queen, watching our Mom and Dad work really hard to support our family. DQ ice cream cakes became a part of every family get together and celebration, of which Lynn quickly became a part of.

Over the years, the three of us have shared many happy memories involving ice cream, and we decided to help create those happy memories for others as well. Buckets is about community and family, but our ice cream is really about 2 things: exceptional flavour, and a smooth, creamy texture. Using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream takes care of the latter, allowing us to focus on refining our flavours and testing out different recipes (our favourite thing to do). This also means the ice cream is all made-to-order and prepared right in front of your eyes. So we’re excited to share in some fun memory-making with you and your families!

– Jaclyn